Total Growth Definition

"Growth" is comprised of Institutions that are classified as:

Aggressive Growth investors employ an extreme version of the growth style. This can be seen by their propensity to hold the stocks of companies that are growing their revenue and EPS extremely quickly, are in an early stage of their life cycle, or have minimal or no current earnings.

Core Growth managers typically invest in mid or large capitalization, blue chip companies that have historically performed near the top of their sector or the S&P 500 in terms of profitability, earnings growth, and revenue growth. These investors are often willing to pay premium PE multiples for highly sustainable businesses, strong management and consistent growth over the long term.

Growth investors bridge the gap between the Aggressive Growth and Core Growth investment styles. They tend to be slightly more aggressive than Core Growth investors, willing to pay slightly higher multiples for stocks and trade at a slightly more active pace. In general, they are looking for companies growing at superior rates than the general marketplace, but are unwilling to pay the extremely high multiples associated with the hyper growth stocks.